Tulsa Scottish Rite Officers

The Supreme Council, 33°
Southern Jurisdiction, USA

James D. Cole, 33°
Sovereign Grand Commander

Joe R. Manning, Jr 33°
Sovereign Grand Inspector General

Michael Maxey 32° KCCH
Personal Represntative
to the SGIG

Richard Sewell, 33°
Advisory Conference

Joe Williams, 33°
Advisory Conference

Don Stanton
Advisory Conference

David Carpenter, 33º
President of the Charitable and Educational Foundation

Andrew Rees
Vice President of the Charitable and Educational Foundation

Matthew Cargill, 32º KCCH
General Secretary


Lodge of Perfection

Venerable Master: Jon B. Greene, 32º KCCH

Senior Warden Anthony W. Keck, 33º
Junior Warden Dr. Thomas A. Dafforn, 32º KCCH
Orator Jim L. Parham
Prelate Stephen E. Ridenour, Jr. 32º KCCH
Master of Ceremonies M. Logan Bryant
Expert Christopher W. Teel
Assistant Expert Anthony J. Goldschmidt
Captain of the Host L. Eric Stuckey, 32º KCCH
Tiler Ron L. Shoaf , 32º KCCH


Chapter of Rose Croix

Wise Master: Larry E. Adair, 32º KCCH

Senior Warden Rick A. Moore
Junior Warden Marshall M. Clayton, 32º KCCH
Orator Forrest B. Wood, 32º KCCH
Master of Ceremonies Samuel D. Jarvis
Expert Bobby D. Rinehart
Assistant Expert Daniel T. Miller
Standard Bearer David M. Dill
Guardian of the Temple Michael T. Harden
Tiler Matthew N. Harden

Council of Kadosh

Commander: Larry W. Jenkins, 32º KCCH

1st Lt. Commander M. Joshua Prock
2nd Lt. Commander Kenneth T. “Todd” Deakins
Chancellor Matthew C. Nowlin
Orator Dana G. Jim
Master of Ceremonies Dennis E. Deakins
Turcopolier Phillip T. Brice
Draper Dwight L. Benton
First Deacon Alan S. Hart
Second Deacon Michael A. Nicholson
Bearer of the Beauseant James W. Durbin
Bearer of the White Standard Dace Tom
Bearer of the Black Standard Spencer E. Adams
Lieutenant of the Guard Matthew Q. Llewellyn
Sentinel L. Wayne Dobson

Master of Kadosh: Kane Smith

Prior David J. Greenly
Preceptor Myron D. Quapaw, 32º KCCH
Chancellor Gregory A. Myers, 32º KCCH
Minister of State Bryan D. Wheat, 32º KCCH
Prelate Raymond D. Hancock
Master of Ceremonies Kevin P. Bardy
Expert Tyler S. Buttram
Assistant Expert Charles L. Morton
Captain of the Guard  William D. Jackson, 32º KCCH
Steward  Victor A. Glunt, 32º KCCH
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