┬áDonate to the Almoner’s Fund

The Almoner’s Fund is funded by donations from the members of the Tulsa Scottish Rite. The generosity of the Brethren giving these donations makes it possible to provide assistance to those in need of emergency assistance with the basic necessities of life – food, clothing, and shelter.

All donations and disbursements are accounted for in the Almoner’s Fund Account and all grants from the Almoner’s Fund are used entirely for charitable assistance in the community.

Any brother having knowledge of somebody who needs assistance should contact the Almoner. An inquiry will promptly follow and, if found worthy, assistance will be granted. All names and information are of a confidential nature and must be kept strictly confidential at all times. Under no circumstances do we want to cause embarrassment to anyone in a time of distress.

Since any disbursement from the Almoner’s Fund are used to assist the community at large, rather than Scottish Rite members, donations to the Almoner’s Fund are tax-deductible.

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