The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry celebrates the contributions and leadership of its members. To do this, the Scottish Rite confers a number of Honours upon members who have contributed extraordinary service to the Rite, to Freemasonry in general, and to the world at large. These Honours can never be applied for nor bought, and if solicited or requested, must be refused. They are Knight Commander of the Court of Honour and 33° Inspector General Honorary.

Brethren eligible for Honours are nominated in the Spring of odd-numbered years by the state’s Sovereign Grand Inspector General or Warden of the Supreme Council, and must be unanimously elected at the Biennial Sessions by the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree – The governing body of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

There are many Brethren worthy of Honours, but a very limited number are elected.

33° Inspectors General Honorary

33rd and Highest Degree

The 33° is conferred by the Supreme Council upon Knights Commander of the Court of Honour who have rendered outstanding service and leadership in the Rite or in public life, and to the principles taught in the Degrees. The 33° may not be requested, and if requested must be refused. The Degree is recognized as the last and highest and Degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and very few Scottish Rite Masons ever receive it. These 33° Masons are titled “Inspectors General Honorary” and are honorary members of the Supreme Council. It is from these ranks that those who are selected to govern our Fraternity and act as active, voting members of the Supreme Council are chosen: the Sovereign Grand Inspectors General or Deputies of the Supreme Council. The cap for an Inspector General Honorary is white with a white band edged in gold, featuring the symbol for this honorary Degree, a red slanting Patriarchal Cross.

Glen E. Almy, 2017
Gary D. Barber, 2007
Newell K. Barker, 1999
James D. Beasley, 2003
William C. Brisbois, 2007
John F. Bulman, Jr., 2015
David A. Carpenter, 2009
Ronald J. Chambers, 1995
Roy L. Clark, 2001
Marshall M. Clayton, 2015
John W. Clift, 2013
C. Van Coffman, 2015
Ronald S. Coppedge, 2015
Patrick D. Couch, 2007
Gary A. Davis, 2001
John P. Dodge, 2013
Jerry D. East, 2003
Wesley C. Farabough, 1991
Jon A. Ferris, 2007
George E. Fletcher, 2007
Ronald E. Foore, 2011
Robert L. Fuller, 2007
Curtis L. Gimlin, 1997
Joe N. Goddard, 1997
Earl R. Goodwin, 2001
James L. Gray, 2007
Arthur O. Haggard, Jr., 2005
Carl Harrison, 2001
Floyd L. Hudson, 2011
Donald A. Hull, 1997
Elwood M. “Ike” Isaacs, 2013
Bret J. Jennings, 2009
Gary L. Johnson, 2015
Anthony (Tony) W. Keck, 2017
Franklin J. Kell, Jr., 2001
Billy R. Kimbrell, 2015
Allan D. Large, 2001
James C. Love, 1989
J. Fred Lowry, 2009
R. Keith Madden, 2009
William C. Mason, 2001
Warren L. McConnell 1995
Roley D. McIntosh, 2001
Van L. McQueen, 1989
John D. Miller, Jr., 2007
William M. Miller, Jr., 2007
William W. Most, 1985
Philip S. Nelson, 2003
William H. Pearce, 1991
Jerry J. Pharis, 1989
John Q. Poe, Jr., 2001
Dr. Richard R. Polk, 2009
Thomas J. Poss – 2015
Cecil E. Rasor, 2003
Wallace L. Roush, 2011
James O. Rust, Jr., 1993
Henry N. Sadler, 2009
E. Leroy Sellers, 2009
Richard D. Sewell, 2009
Dallas R. Shell, 1997
Richard R. Sullivan, Sr., 2005
Jesse D. Swift, 1991
Donald P. Taylor, 2007
Roy L. Thomason, Sr. 1995
E. Eugene Traylor, Jr., 2013
John W. Vaughan, Jr., 2005
David R. Ward, 2017
Ron A. Weese, 1999
Joe A. Williams, 2005
Billy R. Wilmoth, 2013
H. A. “Al” Wilson, 2009
B. Michael Wood, 1993

Knight Commander Court of Honour.

Masters of the Royal Secret who distinguish themselves by zeal, devotion, and active services to humanity and/or Freemasonry may be elected to receive the rank and decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour. This Investiture is bestowed upon members deserving recognition for faithful services to the Rite or to mankind. The rank and decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour is a prerequisite to eligibility for the Thirty-third Degree. The Rank of K∴C∴C∴H∴ may not be requested, and if requested must be refused; many are worthy of this Honour, but few are selected. The cap of the Knight Commander Court of Honour is red with a darker red band trimmed in gold. In the center front is a representation of the Knight Commander Jewel, a red and gold Passion Cross.

Larry E. Adair, 2011
Rodney G. Alexander, 2001
David W. Allen, 2005
Lawrence L. Ashbaugh, 2011
Willard L. Atkins, 2003
Larry L. Bailey, 2007
William C. Barnes, 1993
Clifford L. Beamer, 1983
Gary L. Beisly, 2009
Ben D. Betzner, 2005
Mark M. Bowman, Jr., 1979
Montie R. Box, 2001
Matthew T. Cargill, 2015
Richard B. Carr, 2009
James E. Carroll, 2005
George M. Coble, 1975
Robert C. Cooley, 1975
George N. Couch, 1999
Brian A. Crain, 2001
James K. Culbert, 2007
Dr. Thomas A. Dafforn,2011
Dennis E. Deakins, 2003
Kenneth W. Deatherage, Sr.
Michael D. Dill, 2015
Michael L. Dixon, 2013
L. Wayne Dobson, 2015
Preston L. Doerflinger, 2011
Dustin P. Dye, 2009
Rocco K. Eastridge, 2009
James H. Ellis, 2009
Rex L. Eutsler, 2007
Larry M. Farnum, 1995
Markham D. Ferrell, 2011
L. Dean Field, 1993
Kenneth Fowler, 1967
Michael A. Fritts, 2017
Richmond W. Gay, 2001
C. Tom Geltz, 2001
Ralph C. Gilbert, 2003
Stanly D. Glanz, 2013
Victor A. Glunt, 2005
Jay B. “Pete” Goltra, 1993
Robert E. Goode, 2007
Jon B. Greene, 2015
James A. Greenway, 1993
Jay C. Hall, 2001
Gary F. Haney, 2007
Michael T. Harden, SR. 2015
L. Stewart Harding, 1971
Richard L. Hargrave, III, 2009
Michael W. Hays, 2013
Gary G. Hix, 2007
Harry H. Hoyt, 2009
Russell E. Hudson, 2003
William D. Jackson, 2017
Samuel D. Javis, 2017
Larry W. Jenkins, 2015
Gary L. Johnson, 2005
Terrill L. Jones, Sr., 2001
Norman B. Kelley, Jr., 1997
John E. Kerr, I, 1995
Richard C. Lamer, 2011
Robert E. Land, 2011
Kenneth L. Lewis, 2007
Stuart S. Lough, 2009
Scott C. Maples, 1983
Gene A. Mathia, 2015
Michael J. Mattingly, 2009
Michael D. Maxey, 2009
William P. McBee, 2005
Michael L. McConnel, 2015
Thomas E. Michael, 2007
Thomas G. Mooney, 2005
Joseph W. Morris, 1975
Douglas S. Murdock, 2001
Gregory A. Myers, 2017
John F. Nein, 2009
Johnny D. Onkst, 1997
Andrew B. Palmer, 2007
John D. Polsgrove, 2005
James C. Powell, 1981
Myron D. Quapaw, 2015
Rex R. Radcliff, 1981
John D. Richardson, 2009
Stephen E. Ridenour, Jr., 2017
Charles A. Roberts, 1965
Robert R. Rolseth, 2007
Glen A. Scheid, 2005
Kenneth L. Seney, 2001
James D. Sevier, 2005
Charles R. Sewell, 2003
Dan W. Shea, 2007
Ronald L. Shoaf, 2003
Lealon J. Smith, 2009
Stephen M. Smith, 2013
Jerry M. Snider, 1997
Arlie F. Snow, Jr., 1991
L. Erik Stuckey, 2011
John R. Sullivan, 1979
James R. Taylor, Jr., 2017
Ronnie D. Taylor, 2013
Danny G. Tune, 2001
F. Thomas Warren, 1979
A. Scott Weese, 1995
Tadd A. Weese, 2003
Bryan D. Wheat, 2013
Peter “Ed” Wheeler, 2017
Larry D. White, 2009
J. Barry Wickett, 2013
Douglas H. Willim, 2013
James W. Wills, 2007
Stanley P. Withrow, 2001
Forrest B. Wood, 2017
Clayton E. Woodrum II, 2013


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