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Jul 292014

Clinic Kids

Tulsa Scottish Rite
RiteCare Childhood Language Clinic

ConnorConnor, age four, recently graduated from speech-language therapy at the Clinic. When I first saw him almost a year ago, even his parents had trouble understanding him. He is a bright child with lots of personality and lots to say. He was frustrated when he wasn’t understood.

He had several speech errors, but the one that gave him the most trouble is called backing. He used the back of his tongue, making k and g sounds to replace others, so that he said kwee for tree, kwain for train, and gweam for dream. For a few weeks before Halloween, we practiced trick or treat to replace kwick or kweet. Backing is an error that does not occur in normally-developing speech, and children do not grow out of it.

Connor finally made it, and he can speak as well as any other four year old now. He will have no difficulties communicating or learning at preschool next fall. It was hard to let Connor go, because he was such fun, but it opened up a space for another child who needs help.
I hope you enjoy hearing about the Clinic kids. I will keep in touch.
Adrienne Rogers, MA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Clinic Director