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May 192014


You might be interested to know some of the things clinicians do to help kids talk and read.  Every child is different, and we need to be flexible and creative.


This week I did something different.  The ordinary activities didn’t work, because four-year-old Chase would not try to make the sh sound (as in shoe). It was hard for him, and he knew it. He had little control over his life, and he knew no one could make him talk.


Chase’s mother associated the sh sound with the sound of wind.  She made the sound and waved her arms, pretending to be the wind.  I was a tree that was being blown over.  Chase laughed in delight when the resentful tree was blown sideways or completely down by the wind. Of course he couldn’t wait to take a turn. Being a strong wind blowing a tree down made Chase forget that he was practicing a speech sound.  He got the practice he needed, and I got some exercise.